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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on 25 May this year requires us to define what information we hold that relates to our members and how we keep this personal data safe and secure.

What information do we hold?

The only data we hold on our membership list is each member’s name, address and status (ie full or concessionary membership). We do not hold such details as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, nor have we ever asked for them.

How do we obtain this information?

It is obtained directly from each member when they join the FAGB, renew their subscription or inform us of a change of address.

Why do we hold this information?

The principal reason for holding this information is to facilitate the mailing of the FAGB’s quarterly magazine, The Fairground Mercury, and any occasional publication to our members. It may also be used for administrative purposes such as the collection of subscriptions.

Who is responsible for the management of this information?

The Membership Secretary maintains membership information on an offline computer. It is not held on a cloud or networked computer. The principal officers of the FAGB may have access to this information in order to carry out their administrative duties.

Who do we share this information with?

Each quarter a current version of the membership list is supplied electronically to the printer for the sole purpose of mailing our magazine to members. After the mailing has been completed the list is deleted from the printer’s equipment.

Is the information ever supplied or sold to any other third party?


How long do we store this information?

Should a member fail to renew their subscription on time it is our normal practice to retain their details in case they later apply to rejoin. However, should a former member request the deletion of their entire contact details that will be done immediately. If we are informed of the death of a member their details will also be deleted in entirety.

What are your rights as a member?

You are entitled to know what information is stored under your name and may obtain the details by applying in writing to the Membership Secretary. Your request will be acted upon within 28 days of receipt. You are also entitled to have your details changed should they be out of date or incorrect.

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